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Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT) 

Summary of Content:

  • ​10 videos with a total of 18 hours of footage 🎥🕒

  • Essential spreadsheet templates 📊📋

  • Exam & Certificate 📝🏆

IPLT Teachings:

  • Assessment of Market/Asset Opportunity & Risk

  • Introduction to Long / Short Portfolio Management

  • Asset Volatility Masterclass

  • Implied vs. Realized Volatility

Why do the IPLT Course?

  • I personally believe that this course is a great start for retail traders. It highlights the opportunities/risks that are available, how we can validate these ourselves through spreadsheet classes, understand volatility in the correct manner to a long/short portfolio.

  • The IPLT video series is the introductory course from ITPM. It is basically the backbone of fundamental understanding that a student should have in order to improve their knowledge prior to completing the Professional Trading Masterclass course.

ITPM Review - Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT)

The Introduction to professional level trading (IPLT) video series is a fantastic starting point for retail traders of any level!

As a retail trader with limited formal education in trading, I found the first course from the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) to be a fantastic introduction to the infrastructure of the retail trading space. It sheds light on how the system is often set up for retail traders to fail. Most educational content available online is from charlatan traders, promoting get-rich-quick schemes or fast entry and exit strategies based on technical analysis.

Coming into this with an economics background, I never intended to gamble on the stock market. I aimed to base my trading on fundamentals, using a top-down macroeconomic approach. However, finding such education online or through other trading educators proved challenging. Fortunately, I discovered Anton Kreil and his YouTube page, which helped me validate his credentials and the content he was offering.

The Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT) video series from ITPM provides this essential information. It outlines where the opportunities and risks lie for retail traders and how we can leverage them probabilistically to achieve successful outcomes.

The videos are well-structured, allowing you to sequentially grasp the material being taught. There are instances where I had to revisit certain topics, but I believe this is common for any retail trader taking the course. The material is comprehensive and emulates a professional trading approach, meaning some concepts cannot be simplified further and must be understood at a deeper level to progress.

Students wanting to grasp the ITPM trading approach will greatly benefit from the Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT). It emphasizes a methodology not readily taught on other platforms and is presented in a professional manner that cannot be easily replicated by traders who lack expertise. As you progress through the course and develop a thorough understanding, you'll recognize, as I did, that this is the genuine trading education you’ve been searching for.​​

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Anton Kreil ITPM

"The course was designed to bridge the educational gap by providing retail traders access to professional-level trading education"

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