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What does ITPM offer?


The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) delivers an extensive selection of courses aimed at equipping you with the essential knowledge and abilities for managing a long short portfolio and progressing towards becoming a consistently successful trader. Emulating the methodologies employed by professional financial institutions, ITPM provides four distinct courses to guide you on your journey.

  1. Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT) 

  2. The Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM 2.0).

  3. The Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM).

  4. The Professional Forex Trading Masterclass (PFTM)

The courses have been created to be completed sequentially.

Discord Servers

ITPM provides an extensive array of resources to its students, aimed at seamlessly connecting the dots between learning and practical application. Through the availability of Discord servers, both students and mentors have the opportunity to exchange information, ideas, and resources, thereby enhancing the overall community. ITPM has established two Discord servers: "Study Hall" caters to students currently undergoing their educational journey with ITPM, while "Society" is designed for those who have completed a mentoring program and ITPM courses, offering a platform for collaboration among students of high competency, regarded as the elite of the community.

Online Webinars & Seminars

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managment (ITPM) is dedicated to ensuring the quality of there education continuously improves over time. Which is why they have a large library of Alumni webinars. These webinars are release generally once every month and encapsulate real time financial market analysis interpretations as well as things that students should be focusing on or need to improve on within their retail trading.


Some of the best webinars that are available to students to watch back on are "Utlizing calendar spreads for superior ROI", Huntin for "Bear Market Trade Ideas" and "How to trade your market View"

Each of the mentors within ITPM present on these webinars and have a great wealth of knowledge outside of the ITPM education that can be used as a resource for students.

Learn more about

ITPM discord
ITPM society discord
ITPM study hall discord

Learn more about

Study Hall Webinars

See upcoming seminars


ITPM also offer a 3 month online mentoring program as well as a vacational mentoring program. I myself completed a 3 month mentoring program with Anthony Iser after I had completed the courses. 

Mentoring Review coming soon..

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