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Review of Anton Kreil’s ITPM Courses 

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Having successfully completed the ITPM courses and participated in a mentorship program, I am well-equipped to provide clear insights into the comprehensive experience each course offers and the knowledge students are expected to gain. Here, I've outlined the course content, curriculum highlights, and reasons for completing each course. Additionally, I've created an in-depth video review that delves into my personal perspectives and understandings as I navigate through the content of each course. 

ITPM Review - Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT)

Summary of Content:

  • 10 videos with a total of 18 hours of footage 🎥🕒

  • Essential spreadsheet templates 📊📋

  • Exam & Certificate 📝🏆

IPLT Teachings:

  • Assessment of Market/Asset Opportunity & Risk

  • Introduction to Long / Short Portfolio Management

  • Asset Volatility Masterclass

  • Implied vs. Realized Volatility

Why do the IPLT Course?

  • The IPLT video series is the introductory course from ITPM. It is basically the backbone of fundamental understanding that a student should have in order to improve their knowledge prior to completing the Professional Trading Masterclass course.

  • I personally believe that this course is a great start for retail traders. It highlights the opportunities/risks that are available, how we can validate these ourselves through spreadsheet classes, understand volatility in the correct manner to a long/short portfolio.

ITPM Review- Professional Trading Masterclass 2.0

Why do the PTM Course?

  • The Professional Trading Masterclass 2.0 (PTM) is by far the best online trading educational course available on the internet from my perspective.

  • The PTM is the core Educational Program at ITPM focusing on a full Professional Trader systematic process in the U.S. StockMarket.

  • The information that students get from doing

  • Anton Kriel (ex Goldman Sacs) has done an exceptional job integrating a systematic approach allowing retail traders to understand in the simplest of manners.

  • The additional spreadsheet classes with Christopher Quill allow students to visually understand the principles that are being taught to them.

Summary of Content:

  • 43 videos with a total of 64 hours of footage 🎥🕒

  • Essential spreadsheet templates 📊📋

  • Exam & Certificate 📝🏆

PTM Teachings:

  • Comprehensive Systematic Trading Framework

  • Evaluation of Macroeconomic Factors

  • Analysis of Leading, Lagging, and Coincidence Indicators

  • Construction of Portfolios

  • Trade Idea Generation

  • Trading Psychology

  • Proactive and Reactive Risk Management.

ITPM Review - Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM)

Why do the PTM Course?

  • The POTM Video Series serves as an ideal complement to both the IPLT Video Series and the PTM Video Series.

  • After gaining a solid grasp of volatility and and understanding the realites of generating trade ideas , the next step is to delve into Structuring Trade Ideas using Equity Options.

  • This additional knowledge not only enhances your skills as a trader but also contributes to achieving a superior Return on Investment (ROI) in your trading account.

  • Understanding how to structure options within a Long Short Portfolio is vital and this course shows you what strategies are important and what aren't. So that you can eliminate going down rabbit holes. 

POTM Teachings:

  • Everything about Equity Options Trading

  • Structuring of Trades to maximize ROI

  • Useful & not-useful Options Trading Structures

  • Directional Options Strategies

  • Portfolio Hedging Strategies

Summary of Content:

  • 28 videos with a total of 34 hours of footage 🎥🕒

  • Essential spreadsheet templates 📊📋

  • Exam & Certificate 📝🏆

ITPM Review - Professional Forex Trading Masterclass (PFTM)

ITPM PFTM Thumbnail

Summary of Content:

  • 28 videos with a total of 42 hours of footage 🎥🕒

  • Essential spreadsheet templates 📊📋

  • Exam & Certificate 📝🏆

Why do the PFTM Course?

  • Coming soon

PFTM Teachings:

  • Coming Soon

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