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Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM 2.0)

Summary of Content:

  • 43 videos with a total of 64 hours of footage 🎥🕒

  • Essential spreadsheet templates 📊📋

  • Exam & Certificate 📝🏆

PTM Teachings:

  • Comprehensive Systematic Trading Framework

  • Evaluation of Macroeconomic Factors

  • Analysis of Leading, Lagging, and Coincidence Indicators

  • Construction of Portfolios

  • Trade Idea Generation

  • Trading Psychology

  • Proactive and Reactive Risk Management.

Why do the PTM Course?

  • The Professional Trading Masterclass 2.0 (PTM) is by far the best online trading educational course available on the internet from my perspective.

  • The PTM is the core Educational Program at ITPM focusing on a full Professional Trader systematic process in the U.S. StockMarket.

  • The information that students get from doing

  • Anton Kriel (ex Goldman Sacs) has done an exceptional job integrating a systematic approach allowing retail traders to understand in the simplest of manners.

  • The additional spreadsheet classes with Christopher Quill allow students to visually understand the principles that are being taught to them.

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ITPM Review - Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM 2.0)

The Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM 2.0) is the best trading education available on the internet for serious retail traders!

In my humble opinion this online video series is a game-changer for retail traders, offering a comprehensive and structured approach to trading that is unmatched by other online platforms.

Unlike other trading educational platforms selling you a unrealistic income, or the prospect of ridiculous one day gains. ITPM focuses on giving its students a structured approach that emulates the same approach taken by professionals at investment banks and hedge funds. They teach you a top down, bottom up approach that is very comprehensive covering all the aspects that you will need to be able to trade independently and successfully over time. The Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) isn't a gimmick, it is the real deal and students who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn the process will have a great outcome with their trading education.

As a student of ITPM I have had great success completing the online video series including the IPLT, PTM 2.0 and the POTM from ITPM. I have completed each one after the other and then done a mentoring program. You can see my introduction to ITPM here!

Below is my honest review of the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM 2.0).​

The Professional Trading Masterclass 2.0 introduces a systematic and structured trading approach for retail traders that emulates professional traders at investment banks and hedgefunds

Get a 50% discount on the PTM 2.0 course by using the discount link


​​​​The 43 videos that are outlined within the course flow in the following structure.

Introduction to the Framework of the PTM Video Series

  • Anton discusses the opportunity set available to retail traders and the manner in which the system is set up against them. He outlines that there is an approach the retail traders can emulate in order to be consistent and successful overtime.

  • Key topics include leading indicators, money markets, and volatility.

  • Understanding the structure of the PTM video series is great for retail traders to start to get an idea of what is involved and how comprehensive it is going to be moving forward. I initially was overwhelmed with the amount of information I was going to learn and wondered how I was going to retain it all. However after moving through each of the videos sequentially there is a great flow to the connection of the videos, which removes the fear of misinterpreting the material.

Leading Indicators and Market Bias

  • Anton Kreil goes through the process of how retail traders can interpret leading and lagging indicators. How each of them can be used for retail traders in creating a world view.

  • There are detailed lessons on interpreting leading indicators and using them to maintain or adjust market bias. Using probabilistic analysis to create a foundation to support a world view bias.

  • Chris Quill’s spreadsheet classes provide practical tools for tracking and analysing these indicators.

  • Each of these videos showed great insight of how professional traders are utilising a top down approach when they address there portfolios. Fundamentally looking at the headwinds and tailwinds that an economy is facing made a lot of sense to me. I don't want to be putting on long positions within sectors of the market that are likely to face issues. This area of the PTM video series give a great understand of how to track these in a probabilistic manner.

Long-Short Portfolios

  • Anton Kreil and Chris Quill provide a very comprehensive and detailed amount of education within the video series for understanding Long Short Portfolios and how retail traders can use them to their advantage.

  • These classes give instructions on creating long-short portfolios, understanding correlations, variances, and risk tolerance.

  • The spreadsheet classes help in practical application, ensuring students can efficiently manage their portfolios and understand how they can create them to suit their market bias.

  • I believe this part of the PTM video series is a game changer in comparison to other trading educators. The teachings of managing a Long Short portfolio is critical and in my opinion should be taught in a greater portion of brokerage platforms online. However, obviously looking back after completing these courses it is obvious why it is not readily taught.

Trade Idea Generation

  • Anton guides traders through generating trade ideas using a quantitative approach, identifying the best and worst sectors and companies.

  • This structured process enhances traders’ ability to create viable trade ideas.

  • By far the trade idea generation process is the biggest factor of this course that students will gain the most from in my personal opinion. Being able to create ideas and keep them rolling through is vital for managing ones portfolio and creating opportunities. I have found this process to be the most enlightening and most time consuming piece of the entire video series. However, as Anton Kreil says it is one of the most critical parts of the mentoring process as well with ITPM.

Quantitative Processing and Catalyst Analysis

  • Breaking down trade ideas of key companies and identifying catalysts that can influence market movements.

  • Lessons on generating trade ideas through macro perspectives and international markets.

  • ITPM teaches the quantitative process in a very simplistic manner that makes a lot of sense. It serves as a filtering process for students trade ideas, allowing them to focus on the outliers that are valid to their thought process when generating a trade idea. As a mentored student, I filter through stocks on a regular basis trying to find longs, shorts, pain trades, hedges and turnarounds that I should do further work on.

Technical Analysis and Price Action

  • Unlike, other courses available on the internet ITPM outlines that 80% of its teachings are in Fundamentals and the other 20% is around technical analysis and price action. 

  • Ben Berggreen a senior ITPM mentor has given many seminars and webinars for students about reading price charts in a very simple manner. This correlates highly to the teachings within the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM 2.0) video series. 

  • The course delves into technical analysis and price action, teaching students to identify ways a which stocks can be assess for price entry and exit over a 1 to 3 month time horizon. 

Risk Management and Trading Psychology

  • Anton Kreil covers essential risk management techniques and trading psychology, preparing traders to handle the unique challenges of trading.

  • Practical advice on managing trading portfolios and maintaining a professional mindset.

  • Most of the focus here is on the management of a Long Short Portfolio. This is a very unique practise and something that I have found difficult to find online from other educators. Honestly, this is a lightbulb moment for many students that are completing an ITPM online course or mentoring program. Once students realise the flexibility and risk management that comes with a long short portfolio they have reached a major milestone in becoming consistently profitable. 

  • To further explain this — watch this introduction video of “The War Room” from ITPM where Edward Shek details what is involved in a typical mentoring program. Get access to the first two episodes by becoming a member here. 


Comprehensive Recaps

Within structured section of the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) video series Anton Kreil goes back over the content. Reinforcing the ideas, and teaching elements that students should really focus on in order to improve their understanding.

I found these sections tedious at first, however the reality is that you will not understand all the information within the PTM video series all at once. It will take you a couple of goes to get it all. Trust me there is a lot of comprehensive information within this course and if you haven't learnt anything about economics, long short portfolios, volatility, leading indicators (etc) then this is going to take a little bit for you to get your head wrapped around.

I highly recommend going through the whole video series once, writing down some notes and highlighting the areas within your notes that you know yourself that you need to go back over again. For me personally it was going back over the quantitative analysis section and the trade idea section. I would have gone over each at least three times. 

Flexible Learning

The best part about the PTM video series along with the other courses offered by ITPM is that you can watch them at your own pace. With a 12 month subscription you can obviously drag it out as long as you like, but in order to get the best use of the series I recommend watching a video at least one every couple of days. That way you have some level of consistency to your learning as well as having the continuous train of thought about the process and system that is being taught.

There is no point watching one video every couple of weeks. You will have forgotten everything that you watch the first time. 

I recommend watching the videos in x2. You will still understand what is being taught and it will allow you to get through the content a little bit quicker.

PTM 2.0 — Conclusion

The Professional Trading Masterclass video series by the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management stands out in my opinion as the premier educational resource for retail traders. With over 64 hours of content and a structured approach to trading education, it equips traders with the skills and knowledge needed to trade in a professional manner. Whether you are a novice or an somewhat experience retail trader, this course offers invaluable insights and a structured approach to enhance your trading performance.

PTM 2.0 Course Structure

PTM Videos
ptm VIDEOS 13 TO 24
ptm VIDEOS 25 to 36
PTM videos 37 to 44

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