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Are the trading courses provided by Anton Kreil from the Institute of Trading worth the money?

I consider the courses with ITPM to be one of the best things I’ve ever done to myself! It is has opened up a  world of opportunities for me to grow my wealth progressively over time as well as continuing with my normal job as a development manager.

Being in my 30's as I got to the point where I was doing feasibilities on property developments for myself, trying to give myself a leg up. However after running these feasibilities, I quickly realised that in order for me to do one of these projects I would be splitting too much of the profit and be taking on too much of the risk independently. With this reality, I realised needed to grow my wealth in another way so that I could get to a point where I could do these property developments by myself.

I always considered that trading was too risky, however I think I told myself this narrative because I was unaware and uneducated. I found myself going through rabbit holes of information online, trying to find a proper trading educator. As most of you know there are so many scams and charlatans on the internet giving away false pretences in the trading space, I was getting frustrated from the effort I was putting in. Find ITPM and Anton Kreil is like finding a needle in a haystack. Honestly, that's the way I describe it to others. This is the reason I have become an Affiliate with ITPM as I believe the courses here have the potential to help other retail traders like me, improve their education and empower themselves towards a better future.

After completing the courses and doing an Mentoring Program with Anthony Iser, I feel like the opportunities I have in front of me have grown exponentially. 


“Wherever you are on your journey, you are very much part of the ITPM community, which is without a doubt the best community for retail traders to empower themselves”.

Edward Shek ITPM Mentor

Which is the best course, that ITPM offers?

The ITPM courses are organised in a sequential manner, with Anton guiding you through a progression of competencies. Therefore, the recommended sequence for taking the ITPM courses is IPLT, PTM, POTM and finally PFTM. While I haven't finished the PFTM yet, I plan to complete it soon and share an additional review. 

I have personally completed each of the first three courses in succession. The information seamlessly connects across them, providing a consistent framework of thought. This coherence allows you to systematically build on your knowledge as your progress through the curriculum.

You can see from the chart here. 

That there is a competency hierarchy, that you are aiming to climb as you complete the courses with ITPM. Everyone starts at the bottom progressively working their way up to unconscious competence. Which is when you are trading on your own and having consistent profitability.

4 steps of learning applied to trading

“You're goal is to get yourself up the competency hierarchy as quickly as possible".

Anton Kreil ITPM Director

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