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Fed Chair Jerome Powell: The 2024 60 Minutes Interview Summary

Jerome Powell
Jerome Powell - Fed Chair

Jerome Powell may have rescued the US Economy

Jerome Powell, the Chair of the Federal Reserve, may have just rescued the economy from inflation without causing mass unemployment. As Americans were suffering through the highest inflation in 40 years, Powell and the Fed raised interest rates 11 times to cool the economy. Economists expected a recession, but instead, inflation has been tumbling while employment is near a 50-year high.

Combating inflation

In a rare interview, Powell discussed the state of inflation and the Fed's approach to interest rates. While inflation has been falling steadily for the past 11 months, Powell emphasized that the job is not done and the Fed is committed to fully restoring price stability. He acknowledged the progress made but stated that more evidence of sustainable inflation reduction is needed before considering interest rate cuts.

rate cut
Visual Capitalist - Graph on past interest rate cut cycles and 2024 forecasts

Powell explained that the Fed's target rate of 2% for inflation is based on the inclusion of an estimate of future inflation in interest rates. By having a 2% estimate, the central bank has more room to cut rates in the event of a downturn. However, Powell clarified that the Fed does not need to wait until inflation reaches 2% before cutting rates, but rather aims to return inflation to 2% over time.

Inflation Rate
United States Inflation Rate has been coming down since the Fed hiked rates.

Rate Cut Projections 2024

Regarding the timing of rate cuts, Powell highlighted the strength of the economy and the need for more confidence in sustained inflation reduction before taking the important step of cutting rates. He mentioned that the committee's consensus leans towards rate cuts this year, but it would depend on the availability of good inflation data.

Powell also addressed concerns about rising prices and the overall price level. While some prices may decline, he stated that the overall price level is unlikely to decrease, especially for basic necessities like bread, milk, and eggs. Powell emphasized that the Fed's goal is to restore price stability, where inflation is low and predictable, so that people don't have to worry about it in their daily lives.

Economic Issues

The interview also touched on other economic issues, such as the likelihood of another real estate or banking crisis. Powell expressed confidence in the banks, stating that the larger banks' balance sheets appear to be manageable, although some smaller and regional banks may face challenges. He reassured that the risk of a repeat of the 2008 crisis is low.

Regarding the national debt, Powell acknowledged that the US is on an unsustainable fiscal path, with the debt growing faster than the economy. He emphasized the need to prioritize fiscal sustainability and address the issue sooner rather than later.


In conclusion, Powell emphasized the strength and adaptability of the US economy as a crucial factor for future prosperity. He also highlighted the importance of the US's role as the leading voice in supporting and defending democracy and global security and economic arrangements.

Powell made it clear that politics does not influence the Fed's decisions. He stated that the Fed does not consider politics and that incorporating political factors into their decisions would only lead to worse economic outcomes. Powell emphasized the Fed's commitment to integrity and maintaining their focus on economic factors.

Overall, Powell's interview provided insights into the Fed's approach to inflation, interest rates, and the overall state of the economy. It highlighted the Fed's commitment to restoring price stability and ensuring sustainable economic growth.


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